Will Power and Winning WHYs with David GreenwaltListen now (77 min) | This police officer turned health guru has an emotionally intelligent approach
This question hit me hard. And it's a good reminder of the beauty of change and resiliency.
Big Food Begets Big Butts, Brain Health and Bariatric Surgery for Children?!!Listen now (22 min) | We are literally losing our minds in a sea of ultra-processed garbage
Sneak Preview: Chapter 1 of The Nourishment Mindset & Why I Wrote ItListen now (28 min) | Diet rhymes with "riot," which explains why you shouldn't be on one!
Massive Announcement: My new book, The Nourishment MindsetListen now (7 min) | Kindle is now available! For touchy feely readers (like me), paperback will be out by January 25
Live from Provence, FranceListen now (20 min) | The spiritual home of The Nourishment Mindset
Ho Ho Ho! Guess Who Went Keto?Listen now (12 min) | Today's mini-cast features a slimmer, bronzed Santa!
Celebrity Fitness Trainer Vinnie Tortorich on Faux Meat, Boobie Scales, Washboard Abs and moreListen now (69 min) | Today I introduce y'all to one of my idols, the "Baryshnikov" of health and fitness!
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