Jan 24 • 22M

Big Food Begets Big Butts, Brain Health and Bariatric Surgery for Children?!!

We are literally losing our minds in a sea of ultra-processed garbage

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Despite my book excitement I’m having some trouble getting the taste of vomit out of my mouth, y’all. A crisp, tongue shaving New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc isn’t even working here. This is because I’m suffering from disgust from the pit of my belly, right where your intuition lies. And I should feel this way. Here’s why: The American Academy of Pediatrics just revised its recommendations for treating childhood obesity. They’re now recommending medication — i.e., Big Pharma Pimpin’ at age 12 and bariatric surgery at age 13. This is because “we can’t wait” and is of course “in addition to behavioral and lifestyle modifications.”

I agree that we can’t wait, but I do not believe we should be medicating and cutting into our fat kids! Two of the major root causes of this problem are Big ultra-processed Food and the terrible dietary guidelines brought to Americans by our very own government.

Childhood obesity and disordered eating is something I’ve been passionate about since my Duke days, where I authored my senior thesis, “A Bio-Psycho-Social Model for Treating Childhood Obesity.” Since I handed that assignment in 23 years ago, the childhood obesity rate has doubled. Depressing. But there is a simple solution.

In today’s podcast episode — which you can watch on YouTube if you want to see my angry red face and redneck expressions, I dive into our childhood obesity problem as well as a great mental health talk, “Nutritional & Metabolic Strategies for Optimizing Mental Health” by Dr. Georgia Ede, an amazing and pioneering nutritional psychiatrist. Dr. Ede uses ketogenic diets in her practice and advocates for a modernized mental health system whereby metabolic markers are part of the intake. In summary, the brain needs natural dietary fat to function properly, y’all! On a related note, I’m honored to be listed on Dr. Ede’s website, DiagnosisDiet as a practitioner.

Finally, I read an apropos sneak preview chapter of The Nourishment Mindset, Big Food Begets Big Butts.

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