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Breathe Your Way to Better Health

Learn three easy, effective techniques to help you de-stress, unblock and strengthen your immune system

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Dixie Lee Huey
We're on a metabolic mission to help you (re)discover your vitality through real whole foods, sassy straight talk and the pleasures of the table. There are a bajillion health podcasts out there, and a lot of 'em are as fun as a trip to the dentist. Here at The Nourishment Mindset we blend sassy straight talk with a holistic, real whole foods foundation. Our metabolic mission is helping you achieve vitality and reverse chronic, lifestyle conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity and malaise through (re)discovering the pleasures of the table. You'll learn tips from host Dixie Huey, a wine industry veteran who spent 20 years dining with farmers, chefs and winemakers around the world before listening to her calling to become a health coach after healing from years of dieting in a calorie counting prison. Hers is a story of earned knowledge, personal failure, and paradox -- one she hopes will inspire others to appreciate the incredible nature of food as a source of nourishment, connection and pleasure. Dixie is a certified Nutrition Network Advisor, Group Fitness instructor, MBA, certified sommelier and author of The Nourishment Mindset. Our guests range from organic foodies and hemp and wine growers to celebrity coaches and medical providers, Ditch the dogma and BS, silence the noise and switch back to the traditional sound practices that have nourished for millennia.
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Why are we talkin’ about breathing, something we do automatically? There are a lot of different types of breathing. What is your breath like when you’re nervous? Contrast that with how you’re breathing at the end of a delicious meal filled with laughter and pause. Or as you’re reading and beginning to doze off. It’s true that most of the breaths we take are autonomic unconscious processes. And true that we can improve our cardiovascular, immune and psychological functioning with intentional breath work.

I started researching breathing techniques while pregnant with my son, specifically enrolling in a HypnoBirthing class. Over the years I’ve expanded my practice to include a number of different practices for different reasons. Today, I’ll share some techniques with you: three breathing exercises for relaxation, resolving a blocked nostril and strengthening your system, respectively.

1. Parasympathetic relaxation technique: here we slow down the breathing and use a simple counting technique to inhale and pause, then exhale and pause.

2.Soma Breath Unblock: here you learn how to unblock your nostril(s) when you awaken congested.

3. Wim Hof mini class: and finally we explore a method for strengthening your cardiovascular and immune systems developed by the Ice Man! For an excellent related read, check out What Doesn’t Kill Us by Scott Carney!

In closing, I offer some general advice I give clients: think of your health journey as a walking path where you’re generally headed forward, one foot in front of the other. If you’re holding yourself to a really strict “tight rope,” it’s very hard to find self grace. Remember, every time you do something healthy — take a walk, get some natural light, eat a nourishing meal, you are investing in your health bank account. If and when you decide to take a withdrawal, this doesn’t negate all of the deposits you’ve made. The aim is to make more deposits than you do withdrawals.

In related human health news, my friend Nina Teicholz, author of one of my favorite books, The Big Fat Surprise as well as her Substack, Unsettled Science, has just written a great piece there called Whole Milk is Illegal. The nonprofit she founded, The Nutrition Coalition is working to support The Whole Milk for Healthy Kids Act which aims to bring intact, more nutritious milk to our schools. To voice your support for this bi-partisan bill, find your congressperson and give him or her a quick call tomorrow! Make this two minute investment ASAP!

Lastly, who do you know who loves to eat and would like to use food as medicine to achieve vitality and reverse chronic lifestyle conditions? Gift ‘em a copy of The Nourishment Mindset! You can do so from Amazon or my website for a signed copy including a personal message and shipping included.