Dec 20, 2022 • 1HR 9M

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Vinnie Tortorich on Faux Meat, Boobie Scales, Washboard Abs and more

Today I introduce y'all to one of my idols, the "Baryshnikov" of health and fitness!

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I blame today’s guest, Vinnie Tortorich, for my professional midlife crisis, y’all!

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Ten years ago, at 35 I was operating the successful “dream job” wine and food marketing agency I’d created. Sure, I was working crazy ass hours pouring my soul into it (and somewhat neglecting my health), but I loved what I was doing. The problem is, I’d become pudgy — not exactly fat — especially by today’s standards, but certainly not the fit competitive age group triathlete I’d been at 25. I wasn’t able to do my normal calories in/out math because I’d become injured (again), from over exercising and lack of nutrient dense foods. My inner eating disorder brain from my ballerina teen years was triggered: did I need to return to extremes to get this weight off? Surely there had to be another way.

One day, Adam Carolla hosted Vinnie, a celebrity fitness trainer and straight-talkin’ southerner with a sense of humor, so I checked out his Fitness Confidential podcast. This led to me inhaling his book of the same name, three documentary films — Fat, Fat 2 and Beyond Impossible, and following him on Instagram, where he’s been posting some truly funny videos like “beef supplements for vegans” and “how to make a documentary.” I then hired him for a consult because I was having trouble becoming fat adapted; y’all can work with him, too.

Fast forward to this episode, where this former ballerina got to interview her health and fitness “Baryshnikov.” (And learn that he’s a renaissance man and knows this dancer’s work!) We discuss his “secret sauce” for achieving sustainable fat loss, how he’s kept cancer at bay for 15 years by avoiding certain inflammatory fare, why soda is metabolic train wreck and more.

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