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D1 Basketballer Turned SWAT Negotiator & Cancer Survivor

D1 Basketballer Turned SWAT Negotiator & Cancer Survivor

Spotlight on Terry Tucker, who shares his framework for success

Y’all, for me this is one of those embarrassing professional moments where you say, Wow, I screwed up today. While mistakes happen, they’re never fun. You might be asking, why the heck am I getting a duplicate email about this episode. The reason is that your humble host chose to “post” the episode instead of using “new podcast episode,” and in order to get this to populate all the pod platforms, I need to redo it.

So feel free to delete now! Or, if you didn’t get a chance to peruse this bi-monthly email now is your chance!

We’ve had a lot of wonderful guests on The Nourishment Mindset, and today’s Terry Tucker is truly inspiring. His story of perseverance and survival is incredible, and his presence is extremely calming. Terry reminds me of a giant yogi, and I could tell within minutes of meeting him that he has high integrity and is a phenomenal husband and father. To top it off, he reveals not one, but two super rad encounters with the great Mike Krzyzewski. (If you don’t know who Coach K is, please don’t admit this to me!)

Terry is the founder of Motivational Check, a company he founded to help people lead uncommon lives via sharing his inspiring story and framework for success. He’s also the author of Sustainable Excellence, which details his ten principles. Terry emphasizes the three F’s that help him when facing difficult challenges: faith, family and friends. And encourages us to channel our pain to become stronger. He also highlights that while it’s worthy to spend time working on our health, fitness and other areas of our lives, that we also need to devote ourselves to cultivating our hearts, minds and souls.

As is common for me, before I begin the interview in Episode #46, I get a little rant out of the way. Today’s “victim” is the United States Department of Agriculture, or as I call it, The US Dumb Asses. They’ve recently wasted more tax payer dollars funding research on ultra-processed food and calling them healthy. Scream of conflict of interest, anyone?!! With our alarming rates of obesity (40+%), diabetes (50%+ when you include “prediabetes”) and metabolic dysfunction (90+%) we do not need research on this faux fare; the results are in — it’s toxic!

If you’d like a little ROI on what I hope is disgust, check out The Nutrition Coalition, a nimble non-profit working to expose this tomfoolery and demand that the US Dietary Guidelines use evidence based science (rather than Big Food funding).

In better news, one of the world’s most captivating culinary cultures — Italy, has voted to ban lab grown meat (aka mutt)! This will protect consumers and farmers, and most importantly celebrate real whole food. Bravo and Saluté, Italy!

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