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Episode #56 - Looking Through the Lens of Nutrient Density

Episode #56 - Looking Through the Lens of Nutrient Density

It's the INGREDIENTS, y'all!

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We’ve all been taught to look at the calories and the now gi-hugic nutrition label, but the real nutrition story is told in the INGREDIENTS! Today’s episode is about tossing out those frames from the 70’s (when this government interference in nutrition started) and putting on some modern lenses to evaluate food based on what it gifts to your brain and body.

A diet is about restriction; it also rhymes with riot. Nourishment is about healing and vitality; it’s a lifestyle. On a diet, 100 calories of gummy bears is fine; when you’re nourishing yourself, you’d much prefer 100 calories of steak. (Not that calories are our focus nor that you’d only eat 100 calories of steak!) The steak is filled with a cornucopia of vitamins and minerals; the gummy bears deliver nada.

There are plenty of powers at play who want to convince you that plant alternatives are on par with the real deal. Here at The Nourishment Mindset, we’re calling bullshit. Let’s talk eggs versus plant-based eggs. The former is filled with nutrients from one ingredient, the egg — Nature’s veritable vitamin. No seed/veg oils, stabilizers, chemicals, preservatives, etc. The latter is a hot mess of ingredients — many of which are unpronounceable mysteries. (I love that the faux egg label below mentions being made in a facility that also processes REAL food!)

Ultimately, how you nourish yourself is your choice. Open your eyes!

I just loved Dr. Georgia Ede’s Change your Diet, Change your Mind. She’s a bold nutritional psychologist who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is: your brain NEEDS meat! In fact, she dedicates an entire chapter to this subject, “Meat: the Original Super Food.”

J’adore la belle France! And she just made me very happy by passing a law banning companies from trying to sell faux meat, or what I call MUTT labeled with meat words such as “steak” and “ham.” Why is this important? Well, the very concept of nutrient density. Calling something steak doesn’t mean it delivers the nutrients in a real steak, and it certainly doesn’t account for all of the garbage ingredients for which people are paying more.

Oh my goodness, given that I introduced Travis the Newf in the beginning of this episode — gotta watch the video, y’all, I just got an idea: I’ll cook him up some plant-based meat and some real meat and do an experiment to see which one he picks! Stay tuned… I’m not worried about it because I’m damned sure he’s not an idiot.

So this is REALLY simple and it’s a go to a couple of times a week when I’m in the middle of my work day: iodine rich tuna salad.
Combine a can of (preferably) wild caught tuna with a tablespoon or so of avocado oil (seed/veg oil-free) may — I love Primal Kitchen’s. Add salt, finely chopped nuts of your choosing, and some herbs if you like. Santé!

I just LOVE Redmond and have mentioned their sea salt many times! I recently ordered their Bentonite Clay and have been making super easy facial masks by adding water. It tightens and smooths the skin. And has only natural ingredients.

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