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Harmonizin' with your Hormones

Harmonizin' with your Hormones

Meet three super heros and learn a pro tip most doctors don't know!

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Happy Transformation Tuesday, y’all!

Has anyone ever told you to eat multiple small meals throughout the day to help you maintain your energy and lose weight? In today’s 40th episode, you’ll learn why this is bad advice for most people and how you can elevate and optimize your metabolic health by eating in harmony with your hunger hormones.

Enter ghrelin, leptin and insulin: these three work in concert to tell you when to eat, when to stop and regulate blood sugar levels, respectively. When you’re grazing all day, you’re recruiting them frequently, constantly ringing the bell like a kid playing ring and run and annoying his neighbors. And when you eat ultra processed faux foods — metabolic wrecking balls, you’re interfering with hormone signaling. This is why focusing on real, whole foods and eating two to three satiating meals per day prioritizing protein rich foods and naturally nourishing fats is the way to go.

In addition to the nourishment we give our bodies, there are other ways to harmonize with your overall hormone system and promote insulin sensitivity or the opposite of insulin resistance, which is the root cause of chronic lifestyle conditions. My image below details the levers you can pull to increase your body’s insulin sensitivity.

In closing, I offer a pro tip: on your next primary care visit, ask your doctor for an easy, fundamental lab test almost no medical providers order. It is like having a crystal ball for your metabolic future — information you must know which can help you recognize insulin resistance well before your glucose lab work comes back out of range.

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Nourishment Mindset Podcast
The Nourishment Mindset
We're on a metabolic mission to help you (re)discover your vitality through real whole foods, sassy straight talk and the pleasures of the table.
There are a bajillion health podcasts out there, and a lot of 'em are as fun as a trip to the dentist. Here at The Nourishment Mindset we blend sassy straight talk with a holistic, real whole foods foundation. Our metabolic mission is helping you achieve vitality and reverse chronic, lifestyle conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity and malaise through (re)discovering the pleasures of the table.
You'll learn tips from host Dixie Huey, a wine industry veteran who spent 20 years dining with farmers, chefs and winemakers around the world before listening to her calling to become a health coach after healing from years of dieting in a calorie counting prison.
Hers is a story of earned knowledge, personal failure, and paradox -- one she hopes will inspire others to appreciate the incredible nature of food as a source of nourishment, connection and pleasure. Dixie is a certified Nutrition Network Advisor, Group Fitness instructor, MBA, certified sommelier and author of The Nourishment Mindset.
Our guests range from organic foodies and hemp and wine growers to celebrity coaches and medical providers, Ditch the dogma and BS, silence the noise and switch back to the traditional sound practices that have nourished for millennia.