May 2 • 42M

Healing with Hemp: Aaron Williams of Fender's Blue Hemp

Modern day medicine man talks farm to wellness

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Dixie Lee Huey
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I met Aaron 10 years ago while shooting extra virgin olive oil (yes, like taking a shot in a bar but this is liquid gold) at Durant Olive Mill, and I remember thinking he was quite driven and mindful. Our paths crossed several times before my family and I left the Pacific Northwest to move to Florida in 2018, and I was thrilled to hear he’d become an entrepreneur in what I like to call “the west coast hippie” space.

Today, he and his life partner, MacKenzie Saunders, run Fender’s Blue Hemp, a company they founded to share the natural healing, anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties of organic hemp and full spectrum CBD oil. The name, Fender’s Blue, speaks to an endangered butterfly of the same name gracing their property.

Aaron grew up in Santa Cruz, California, so was no stranger to hemp, but it wasn’t until he was recovering from multiple injuries sustained on the college football field that he became aware of its help in healing. In this episode, he likens hemp farming to wine farming, explaining that there are many different varieties of hemp akin to Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. This explanation was helpful for this 20-year wine industry veteran who until speaking with Aaron, knew as much about hemp as I do about quilting (i.e., zero).

“Cannabinoids are lipophilic, which is why healthy fats like EVOO are a perfect vehicle!”
-Fender’s Blue Hemp Co-Founder, Aaron Williams

In keeping with the vinous theme, Aaron let us know that hemp used to be a significant agricultural crop for paper goods and more — George Washington grew hemp, but a Prohibition of sorts came to be when it was demonized in favor of the timber industry. Sounds to be me like how innocent salt was blamed by the other menacing white powder (sugar), for health problems; in other words, a PR war.

In addition to oil drops, Fender’s Blue sells olive oil, which provided me with the perfect opportunity to shoot some with Aaron again and enjoy its buttery, earthy taste. I also spooned his delicious Turmeric paste straight from the jar. The paste is awesome in a cooked veggie dish, and the oil is perfect for finishing dishes and salads. Towards the close, we learn that his products are full spectrum, which mean that there’s a nice low volume of THC in there. In other words, you get more than taste for your money, folks! Keep in mind that they ship to states where legal, so check ‘em out.

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