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Health Washing & Fear Mongering

Health Washing & Fear Mongering

How Big Food uses marketing tricks and traps to lure us in! While Big Pharma Perpetuates Cholesterol Paranoia Syndrome.

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Big Food and Big Pharma are at it again, y’all! Well, to be fair, they’re always at it. In today’s episode #43 of The Nourishment Mindset videocast, I share my recent article for Selene River Press, Health Washing: Big Food Marketing Tricks & Traps. You’ll learn how to avoid paying more for faux products acting as though they’re healthier, as well as how to spot some of the most egregious marketing trickery when you’re shopping.

I also break down a particularly ridiculous headline found recently in the UK Telegraph, Almost two thirds of women suffering from dangerous cholesterol levels. This is problematic because it reads like a Big Pharma opinion piece: it’s completely one sided; harnesses a super scary headline; and gives no context such as how women naturally have higher cholesterol — especially with big hormonal shifts such as postpartum and menopause. The only good things I can say about it are that it gives me a perfect opportunity to rant and rave with a specific example of tactics you’ll find everywhere. It’s also a reminder of why anytime a medication, injection or therapy is recommended to you, it’s critical to have a clear and honest risk-reward conversation with the provider suggesting it. And finally, I discuss two much more important biomarkers for evaluating metabolic health; total cholesterol ain’t one of them!

For more on cholesterol, check out chapter 18 “Cholesterol Paranoia Syndrome” of my book, The Nourishment Mindset. It’s available on Amazon and my website for signed copies. It’s an atypical health read focused on bringing back the pleasures of the table. Here’s what Selene River Press has to say.

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