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It's All About the Fascia, Y'all!

It's All About the Fascia, Y'all!

Solving your Pain Puzzle with PT, Rick Olderman

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Have you ever played “practitioner ping pong,” a term I coined while listening to Rick describe our current medical industry’s approach to treating pain? Or perhaps you’re in pain right now? Maybe you just want to understand the mechanics behind “manspreading;” why dudes tend to sit with their legs wide, often encroaching upon others’ personal space? Then this episode of The Nourishment Mindset is definitely for you!

Meet Rick Olderman, farm boy turned healer who joins me on today’s episode to discuss how to leave your chronic pain in the dust. As someone who has healed from chronic ankle, hip and neck pain and spent over 120 hours with physical therapists, this topic is near and dear to my heart.

In addition to being a physical therapist, Rick is the Founder of the Fixing You Method, a sought after practitioner trainer and the author of a number of books including his new Solving the Pain Puzzle.

Rick teaches us an important albeit tough love concept by saying, “I am the source of my pain.” While this may at first sound like blaming the victim, it is a powerful statement because it means we hold the power to heal ourselves!

He introduces us to his theory of pain, challenging traditional component thinking where our systems are separated and divided, and instead focuses on the “human super highway” — fascia, our connective tissue network. Rick’s framework for pain evaluation is called The Three Pillars of Pain, reflecting the complex interplay between the biomechanics of our musculoskeletal system, our psychological state and our environment, which includes factors like nutrition, lifestyle, allergens, etc. These pillars reflect why my neck and hip pain likely originated in my rigid ankles, and on a broader note, explains why psychological trauma can worsen and even create physical pain.

Tune in and let me know what you think and share any questions or show ideas you may have! And then hop on over to Amazon and buy a copy of The Nourishment Mindset. If you’ve already done so, please give me a rate and review and/or buy a copy for a friend.

If you’d like more information about Rick, visit his website and try out his free back pain masterclass. For more information about our body’s information superhighway, fascia, check out the work of Thomas Myers.

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