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Join me on Health Alkemy!

Join me on Health Alkemy!

What is health?

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Today’s episode #51 features me on Craig Lane’s Health Alkemy channel. During our time together we chat about a range of subjects including how we as a culture define health (spoiler alert: it’s a low bar), cultivating presence and mindfulness, nutrition, vices and much more.

Before we go there, I give thanks to a reviewer and do a mini rant on Haaaaavard’s ridiculous latest “study.” The thanks goes to Michael Sisley of North Carolina who was kind enough to purchase a number of copies of The Nourishment Mindset including a handful to give to his counseling clients struggling with nutrition and disordered eating. I’m always honored by people buying my book, and the fact that he is using it in his practice is tremendously touching to me.

My rant would be funny if it were a joke, but it isn’t. Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of “Public Health” has decried red meat once again, this time asserting that it causes Type 2 Diabetes. And getting plenty of mainstream press and praise for their valiant efforts to demonize The. Most. Nutrient. Dense. Food. On. The. Planet. Bravo, y’all! Way to go — let’s double or triple down on the idiocy!

We’ve been eating red meat for well, forever. And Type 2 Diabetes (which used to be called adult onset but now kids have it so that term no longer works) has only been on the increase relatively recently. Even my lazy dog, Travis the Newf knows this is junk science and walked out of the room when I was discussing it. Let’s see, we’ll blend an inaccurate dietary recall study with a truckload of confounding variables and conflicts of interest (the head honcho there is a vegetarian). In the last forty years, red meat consumption has gone DOWN significantly and sadly while Type 2 Diabetes has sky rocketed. Read this post by the always fabulous science journalist, Nina Teicholz for more! I need not expand because she already has and in brilliant fashion as usual. And this one by Diana Rodgers on “Four Reasons Red Meat Doesn’t Cause Diabetes.

Harvard’s School of Public Health is like the American Heart Association when it comes to nutrition. I tell clients to run in the other direction when they see AHA’s “Heart Healthy” labels on all the cereals and grain-based products and toxic seed oils. Ditto for this “science.” Now I’m laughing as I’m reminded that there is no more science because I certain human proclaimed himself “the science.” Glad we got all that cleared up!

Ok, moving on to something useful: I’ll now be including real whole food recipes in each post. This first one, Dixie’s Cheeseburger Casserole, is dedicated to Harvard and the AHA because when I make it, I use TWO pounds of Butcher Box ground beef!

All y’all need to do to have dinner on the table stat (30 minutes) is to brown some beef, and while doing so cut up whatever veggies you have (my faves are bell peppers, onions and zucchini) and olives if you dig ‘em. Then place the veggies on the bottom of a baking dish, pour the meat and its fat on top, and finally, top with plenty of glorious cheese. Toss it in a 375-400ish degree oven for 20 minutes and voilà! You can get all fancy and top with sour cream and fresh herbs and avocado (not pictured) if you like. Then as the French say… attack!

In closing, if you’re looking for an easy and nutritious holiday gift, let me help you: simply send me your recipient list and I’ll sign and complimentary ship copies of The Nourishment Mindset.


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The Nourishment Mindset
We're on a metabolic mission to help you (re)discover your vitality through real whole foods, sassy straight talk and the pleasures of the table.
There are a bajillion health podcasts out there, and a lot of 'em are as fun as a trip to the dentist. Here at The Nourishment Mindset we blend sassy straight talk with a holistic, real whole foods foundation. Our metabolic mission is helping you achieve vitality and reverse chronic, lifestyle conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity and malaise through (re)discovering the pleasures of the table.
You'll learn tips from host Dixie Huey, a wine industry veteran who spent 20 years dining with farmers, chefs and winemakers around the world before listening to her calling to become a health coach after healing from years of dieting in a calorie counting prison.
Hers is a story of earned knowledge, personal failure, and paradox -- one she hopes will inspire others to appreciate the incredible nature of food as a source of nourishment, connection and pleasure. Dixie is a certified Nutrition Network Advisor, Group Fitness instructor, MBA, certified sommelier and author of The Nourishment Mindset.
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