Jan 10 • 7M

Massive Announcement: My new book, The Nourishment Mindset

Kindle is now available! For touchy feely readers (like me), paperback will be out by January 25

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Welcome to the Nourishment Mindset podcast, where you'll find straight talk and tips to help you elevate your health with real, whole foods. Ditch the BS, silence the noise and switch back to the traditional sound nourishing practices that have worked for millennia.
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I started writing The Nourishment Mindset when Fletcher was two. The first handwritten draft poured out of me that summer as he played in a baby pool by my side or napped. I naively thought, “What is all the fuss about book writing? I’ll have this done in no time.”

Fletcher is now nine. Dozens of drafts and hundreds of hours of editing later, I have literally eaten my words. Fitting for a book about nourishing yourself to optimal health by enjoying real, whole foods and table-side pleasures!

I wrote The Nourishment Mindset to bring pleasure back to the table, and enhanced health and vitality after rising from it. I want to put an end to the diet genre and culture so prevalent in America, where despite all of our pounds lost (and let’s be honest, regained y’all) we’ve become a nation unnecessarily riddled with chronic metabolic diseases. Over 75% of our population is overweight (including 40% obese) and at least half of us — most of whom are unaware, are diabetic or pre-diabetic. (Note that that pre-diabetes is like being “sort of pregnant;” in my opinion, the real pre-diabetes is its precursor, insulin resistance.) Don’t even get me started on the sky-rocketing rates of childhood obesity!

Many who are suffering are following the BS guidelines we’ve had rammed down our gullets for decades. This pisses me off, and I used my frustration and anger to keep moving toward the book finish line for the last seven years.

The Nourishment Mindset is tenaciously atypical among self health books. It’s a straight talkin’ tome with a ‘tude aimed at simplifying how to eat for vitality and pleasure, and lose fat with nary a calorie counted. I don’t mince words and I’m not afraid to challenge and perhaps offend. It’s worth noting that rarely are health coaches also foodie sommeliers, and most culinary marketers aren’t fitness instructors with an eating-disordered past. I’m all of these.

In six sassy sections, The Nourishment Mindset teaches:

  1. Favorin’ Fat - why nutrient density and favoring natural dietary fat (not calories) are the lenses through which to view food;

  2. State of our Fat Union - how and why America became so fat and sick;

  3. Thou Shalt Nourish Thyself - how to heal yourself at the table and avoid toxic, faux and inflammatory fare;

  4. Thou Shalt Savor, Move and Rejeuve - wellness, fitness and mindfulness guides including insights I learned while abroad, particularly in France;

  5. Tips, Tricks and Resources - recipes and practical points for traveling, nourishing children and more;

  6. And Parting Thoughts on nourishing your soul during your healing journey. 

Finally, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that two authors whom I admire greatly have endorsed The Nourishment Mindset. Both of these ladies wrote books which helped me change my life for the better and started this whole metabolic journey!!!

I’d be tickled rosé pink if you’d purchase a copy, let me and others know what you think, and leave me a review on Amazon. Each month I’ll do a random drawing to award my Amazon reviewers with a 30-minute complimentary health coaching session. And those who review the podcast on either Apple or Spotify will receive a complimentary signed copy of my book.