Jan 17 • 28M

Sneak Preview: Chapter 1 of The Nourishment Mindset & Why I Wrote It

Diet rhymes with "riot," which explains why you shouldn't be on one!

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Welcome to the Nourishment Mindset podcast, where you'll find straight talk and tips to help you elevate your health with real, whole foods. Ditch the BS, silence the noise and switch back to the traditional sound nourishing practices that have worked for millennia.
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Happy to announce that I’ve got my author’s proof of The Nourishment Mindset in my hot hands! In today’s episode, I’ll share with you a sneak preview reading as well as my first Amazon review, 5 Stars from Amy (see image below).

I wrote The Nourishment Mindset because I want to put an end to the diet-book genre. The continual search for just the right diet to cure our fat, sick ills is flawed at best and against the laws of nature at worst. There Is No Magic Undiscovered Program, Pill to Pop, or This Time it’s Really the Right Diet to finally get you NOT FAT and NOT SICK. The word “diet” rhymes with “riot,” which should give you an idea of the violence that dieting can inflict on your body, mind, soul and not to mention, metabolic functioning.

The answer to becoming NOT FAT and NOT SICK lies within our ancestry – it’s been with us all along but has gotten buried by a bunch who want to keep you fat (and sick) so you’ll keep buying their addictive ultra-processed, chemical-laden food. Let’s all get off the diet hamster wheel and regain our proper pants sizes and sanity!

Our nation’s number one problem is our rapidly declining health. We are living in a ‘diabesity’ explosion. Despite all of our research and technology, there remains rampant confusion around food, exercise and wellness; the outcomes are devastating.

The Nourishment Mindset is the antidote to all of this madness and confusion!

Amazon currently has the Kindle Version. Paperback debuts by January 25.

***I will be doing a monthly drawing from all Amazon reviews for a complimentary 30-minute health coaching consult, so be sure to review the book once you’ve read it!**