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Under the Metabolic Hood with Selene River Press

Under the Metabolic Hood with Selene River Press

Danielle LeBaron interviews me about the origins of The Nourishment Mindset

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Today’s Nourishment Mindset podcast #45 features an interview I did with holistic nutrition publisher Selene River Press’ Danielle LeBaron, a lovely lady and mom of four(!) nourished children including a recently born daughter. She is positively glowing throughout the interview despite being in infant mode, which speaks to the power of nourishing yourself with real whole foods and living a holistically focused life!

We discuss my motivation in writing the book, why it’s focused on the pleasures of the table and the fact that I’m targeting real, everyday people. In America, we do a lot of drivin’ through, drive-bys to the fridge, and not so much dining à la table sans distraction et en famille. My book, The Nourishment Mindset, aims to change that convenience focused habit and end our toxic diet (rhymes with riot!) culture while bringing you vitality and the reversal of chronic lifestyle conditions using real whole food, straight talk and of course, the pleasures of the table.

Tune in to learn about my origin eating disorder (sob) story and how I still struggled in calorie counting jail while dining in some of the world’s finest food and wine regions. I detail how I healed, why this concept of nutrient density and the pleasures of the table is paramount and how you and your family can incorporate it in small steps to elevate your physical and psychological health. It’s as easy as preparing food and a table, sitting down and raising a glass.

In honor of our first birthday (!) — I started The Nourishment Mindset podcast on August 24, 2002, I’m offering anyone who reviews the book on Amazon or the pod on Apple/Spotify/Google Play a complimentary 20 minute health (or wine and food!) consultation. Simple post your review on your platform of choice and email me to let me know it’s there (


Nourishment Mindset Podcast
The Nourishment Mindset
We're on a metabolic mission to help you (re)discover your vitality through real whole foods, sassy straight talk and the pleasures of the table.
There are a bajillion health podcasts out there, and a lot of 'em are as fun as a trip to the dentist. Here at The Nourishment Mindset we blend sassy straight talk with a holistic, real whole foods foundation. Our metabolic mission is helping you achieve vitality and reverse chronic, lifestyle conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity and malaise through (re)discovering the pleasures of the table.
You'll learn tips from host Dixie Huey, a wine industry veteran who spent 20 years dining with farmers, chefs and winemakers around the world before listening to her calling to become a health coach after healing from years of dieting in a calorie counting prison.
Hers is a story of earned knowledge, personal failure, and paradox -- one she hopes will inspire others to appreciate the incredible nature of food as a source of nourishment, connection and pleasure. Dixie is a certified Nutrition Network Advisor, Group Fitness instructor, MBA, certified sommelier and author of The Nourishment Mindset.
Our guests range from organic foodies and hemp and wine growers to celebrity coaches and medical providers, Ditch the dogma and BS, silence the noise and switch back to the traditional sound practices that have nourished for millennia.