May 16 • 51M

Vitamin G & The Body's Innate Intelligence with Ben Azadi

Plus why we'd both rather smoke cigarettes than eat seed oils!

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Dixie Lee Huey
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Y’all, Ben Azadi is one of my holistic health and low carb, real food idols. He is the author of four best selling books, creator/host of the Keto Kamp educational program and podcast, frequent featured speaker, fellow Floridian and a genuinely nice dude. Plus, he’s a true dog lover! His German Shepherd Lab mix, Ziggy Stardust, is as spoiled as Travis McGee the Newfie: they both enjoy a carnivore diet, filtered water and practice intermittent fasting!

During our conversation, we learn how Ben transformed himself from an obese, depressed and suicidal young man into a lean, strong personal trainer and Cross Fit gym owner. In his words, “hitting rock bottom can be a beautiful springboard.”

Ben began his road to recovery with a book authored by Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success. In learning that little daily behavioral decisions can compound over time into big changes, he got his video game obsessed arse off the couch and began moving his body, which helped him feel a little better. Over time, he reprogrammed himself by “habit stacking small tweaks to create new neural pathways and big peaks.” Taking responsibility for his little decisions enabled him to become “the victor, not the victim of his choices.”

We also discuss how and why nutritional ketosis is a great and ancient health tool, which can reset our modern day broken metabolisms. In essence, our bodies are programmed to heal with what Ben calls our “innate intelligence” in his terrific book, Keto Flex. He cautions us to pay attention to our symptoms, which are the body’s “check engine light — a gift;” not something we should mask with multiple prescriptions. Ben also shares his four pillars for metabolic healing including periodically flexing out of ketosis, which is something I’ve personally incorporated after reading Keto Flex.

To learn why Ben and I agree that we’d rather smoke cigarettes than eat toxic (and sadly ubiquitous) seed oils, you’ll need to listen to the pod or watch the episode on Youtube, y’all! When you do, you’ll learn about his top supplement for improving metabolic and mental health, sleep, and basically anything that ails: Vitamin G, a free but sadly hard to find substance in our modern lifestyles.

“You become your environment, which determines your thoughts, which determine your actions, which determine your results.” - Ben Azadi

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