Dec 13, 2022 • 45M

We're All Bears in the Metabolic Zoo with Dr. Elizabeth Moran

Learn how to better work with your doctor to address your health concerns

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Everyone loves to talk about the gut biome these days, but did y’all know you have a vag biome?!!

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Today’s guest, Dr. Elizabeth Box Moran, is one of Charlotte’s Top Docs and founder/owner of Premier Gynecology. She is an expert on women’s health and her practice focuses on guiding women — sometimes multiple generations of the same family, through their different phases of life. This means investing significant time on the front end of their patient relationships to identify root causes and really know each person’s personal context.

According to Dr. Moran, “My passion is optimal health throughout life. Women's Health is a composite: metabolic wellness, hormone optimization, sexuality, sleep hygiene, stress management, nutrition, and life style. Attention to your whole life experience adds up to health for the long game.

Dr. Moran lets us know that the root cause of most diseases have at least one “foot” in metabolic dysfunction. In other words, if your metabolic health is whacked (my words, not hers :), you can be sure that this is evident in your female (or male) organs. This can effect daily functioning, fertility, healthspan and more.

“You can’t decouple disease from metabolic issues.” - Dr. Elizabeth Moran

She prides herself on urges us to change our mindset when dealing with health issues and working with providers, to embrace reality and understand that there are no magic potions or pills. That caring for ourselves is a yearly, monthly and weekly process that is made up of all of the little decisions we make throughout a given day. While it might sound overwhelming at first, the beauty of this mindset is that each and every day, that all of your choices — whether it be what to consume with your body and brain, if you’ll take in exercise, fresh air and sunlight, and prioritizing sleep, do in fact add up.

If you’d like to do a deeper drive with Dr. Moran, here are some podcasts where she discusses the following: Optimizing Peri and Menopause, Women’s Health and Young Women’s Health.

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